Electronic Flight Bag

Latest version is 1.6.8

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Please read the manual to get familiar with the import/export functionality. All files are zipped for download and must be unzipped before import!

The PDF files which have been used to create some of these checklists have been downloaded from the developers website. The download links are as follows:

  • PMDG (Precision Manuals Development Group)
  • Level-D (Level-D Simulations)

Airbus A320, created by Sario Haladjian
A2A Cessna C172, created by Abdulhai Zalloum
Beechcraft 1900D, created by Steve Prowse
Fokker F70/F100, created by Philipp Bauer
Boeing 737-800, created by Rene Billiani
Boeing 737 NGX, created by D J A Moran
Boeing 737 NGX (Workflows), created by CTBlankenship
Boeing 777-200 LR, created by Nico
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, created by Ian Kalter



File type
VATSIM data files 2013-05-02
Kai Tak data files 2011-04-02


Latest version is 1.0.11

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For Win32 and Win64 operating systems (2.2 MB). 

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