SimpleCam is an easy-to-use camera utility which allows you to define 10 custom camera positions within the Virtual Cockpit (VC). Whether you need it to replace a headtracker or whether you are done with countless key assignments or mouseclicks to find an appropriate view: SimpleCam is the remedy!

What is SimpleCam about

Cockpit Views in FSX' Virtual Cockpit (and its derivatives FSX:SE and Prepar3D) are mainly defined by entries in the model's „aircraft.cfg“ file. They are usually controlled by the „A“ key or a series of pictograms. This is the point where SimpleCam steps in. Instead of using the fixed positions defined by the aircraft's designer, which can only be altered with some thorough knowledge of the simulator, SimpleCam allows you to define 10 custom Camera Positions within the VC.

SimpleCam allows you to store one position each on your keyboards numpad keys 0-9. It is completely up to the user which Camera Position is assigned to which key. Experience has shown that 10 different camera positions are sufficient for almost every cockpit.